The Two New Pentax Lenses - a question

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Very interesting is ...

... that Hoya values at retail DA 18-55WR @ 200 Euro and DA 50-200WR @ 300 Euro yet in kit combo with the K-7 they are 50 Euro more for the wide and 200 Euro more than body only for BOTH. So my guess is that a huge amount of customers will buy the Dual Kit and either keep them for light outdoor use or sell them with some profit (let's say 250-300 Euro for both) hence bringing down the cost of the camera by about 100 Euro and in process putting a lot of inexpensive WR Pentax glass on the market for new buyers to couple them with older weather sealed Pentax camera. One can buy for example a K20D new with about 650 Euro or less plus about 250-300 Euro for both WR kit lenses can make a WR system with 900-950 Euro something unheard of for any DSLR makers. Or even better find a new K200D for under 400 Euro: and make a WR double kit for about 700 Euro.

Also some (like me) may want to buy dual kit K-7 and pair the lenses with an older K body for a better chance of a good resell value.

Looks very nice to me.

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