1600 iso noise test shot

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Re: Comment to Rinus

Rinus, I guess i would have to disagree,

I believe that the general reason for a higher ISO or ASA is for
1. A faster possible shutter speed,
2. Better performance in low lighting

Please continue to enlighten me if there are more.

Now, back to the post. My answer, If I could shoot at 100 or 200 I generally would even with film as I would expect more details to remain with the lower ISO or ASA speed. I am not an action shooter, so I don't need the faster speed, however I am a low light shooter so to me the higher ISO's are important for reason number 2. Back to my answer, the test was shot in normal outdoor lighting, in the amount of light in the image, any of the current ISO settings would work IMO. But you should still get more details with the lower ISO. For me and my shooting, the test is not a good test. Also in most of the high ISO's tests you see, they are low light tests, to test the ability of the CCD to handle low light, and produce a quality image with little or no noise. At least in the last 100 or so reivews I have read on DSLR's thats what I have seen.

Paul Caldwell

sebMarc wrote:
We need a full size image to be able to see correctly Fred.


Fred Braun wrote:

Went to my local camera shop and put on my lense and dropped in my
MD from my S1. Walked outside shot this from accross street. Had
no idea what the camera settings where but thought this was fairly
noise free.

iso 1600

What do others think?


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