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Re: Yes, a bit tricky..

Steen Bay wrote:

Yes, lots of logical traps to fall into. Assuming that bigger pixels
are always better, is a bit (just a bit) like assuming that bigger
sensors are always better, and forgetting that when shooting at the
same shutterspeed and DOF, all sensor sizes will have pretty much the
same IQ, because with the bigger sensor, you'll have to use a higher
ISO value and (f-number) to get the same DOF.

That's assuming that we want or need the DOF that a P&S forces upon us.

In real life shooting, we are not always aiming for equivalencies. Much of my wildlife photography looks for the sweet spot of lens sharpness vs exposure. This means 2/3 - 1.3 stops down from wide-open with my most frequently-used lens.

Also, DSLR tend to have lower read noise at high ISOs. Even when equalizing for DOF, my 5D2 has a few stops less read noise than my P&S cameras. The equivalency only applies to shot noise (which is actually slightly lower for the P&S in DOF equivalency).

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