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Another Mac advantage

Macs have system-level color management, which Windows didn't even TRY to do until Vista. If you calibrate a Mac monitor, the operating system knows what to do with the profile and handles it seamlessly (the calibration software is actually not even running except when you're MAKING the profile). With Windows, that is an entirely different story - the operating system doesn't understand monitor profiles (or printer profiles, etc...) and third-party utilities have to do that, opening potential incompatibilities.

Vista actually has a very sophisticated color management system built in, BUT it's buggy. There is a bug in Vista's color management where the monitor profile gets clobbered every time a security dialog pops up! Maybe Microsoft will get this one right in Windows 7, but they're more likely to add features of interest to gamers rather than photographers.

While Apple has approximately 10% marketshare overall, they have a 70% share of computers over $1000. Windows only really sells because it's cheap, and to gamers at the high end. That 30% of computers over $1000 that ARE (mostly) Windows - a few of them are Linux - are primarily sold for gaming. Games require very different capabilities from photography, and a machine optimized for one is not necessarily good for the other. Almost any Windows computer with anything like the power you need for high-end photography (the Lenovo W700 is an exception, and there are probably a few others) will have useless features meant for gamers (a $400 3D card), and compromises a photographer wouldn't make (hard drives, low RAM limits, screen quality); while Apple is more inclined to put their money into features photographers will actually use. The most obvious way around this is to build your own Windows machine, which will certainly get you a better photo machine than most anything you can buy from Dell or others, but many people don't want to go without a warranty on the whole machine (and incur even more software hassles than Windows always has). The factory-made professional (non-gaming)Windows machines like the W700 and HP's excellent line of workstations are substantially more expensive than Macs, and you are paying extra for the privilege of putting up with viruses, Windows color management, etc...



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