Interesting paper via luminous-landscape

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Re: Interesting paper via luminous-landscape

He writes....

"In recent years, camcorders and DSLR cameras have started to converge. This is also a direct consequence of Moore’s Law..."

I highly doubt that statement. I believe it was innovation in electronic design, rather than increasing the density of on-die components (ie Moore's law) that allowed its integration. And marketing forces that drove it.

In any case, I have serious misgivings about his sweeping application of Moore's law to explain increased functionality and better image quality in digital cameras.

Moore's law arises from the shrinking of transistors and the consequent increase in density of on-die features, pertaining mainly to digital electronics. But imaging sensors are at heart analogue devices. Fabricating a sensor on a 45nm process makes no sense at all when the pixels are 2 to 3 orders of magnitude larger than that.

I would think that in general, the advances in digital imaging over the past 5 to 10 years are mainly due to the increasing technical expertise of the engineers at camera and electronics companies, and driven by market demand for such devices.


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