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Re: Bob..

Here's one I prepared earlier.
40D and 50D, processed in dcraw at defaults, no other processing.

Rerezzed to 30MP,22MP,15MP,10MP,6.7MP. Upsampling straight Lanczos. Downsampling appropriate blur + Lanczos. No other processing applied. Sorry for just 200x200 crops, makes it faster to view in DPR

Steen Bay wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

Just one question. You said in the other thread that a gaussian blur
before downsampling wouldn't affect detail/sharpness (and Emil said
that it would reduce noise in the downsampled image), but you also
said in a reply to zxaar that "you cannot know which pixels are
'noisy' that is the nature of noise". So, how can gaussian blur
remove noise, without removing detail at the same time?

Emil explained this nicely in his post on the subject. Remember, you
are reducing detail/sharpness by downsampling. If you do that with
high frequency noise still there, that noise aliases into the
downsampled image, so before you downsample you blur which averages
the detail and noise above the maximum spatial frequency to be
present in the output image. The blur is a crude low pass filter, it
eliminates noise and detail, but only that which will not appear in
the output image, due to the lower sampling rate. Since you've taken
away the high frequency noise, it can't be aliased into the lower
resolution image. Not doing the blur was the mistake PIX was making,
and his downsamples showed that aliased high frequency noise.


Thanks. Reading Emil's reply again, I can see that he actually did
explain it nicely (and you too, of course), but still I find it a bit
counter-intuitive, that a gaussian blur affects the visible noise in
the downsampled image, but not the visible detail. Anyway, I'll take
your word for it, that it's the best method when downsampling, also
to prevent aliasing. (And it would of course be pretty easy to check,
downsampling the 50D resolution testchart shot, with and without the
gaussian blur)

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