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bobn2 wrote:

Frankly, I couldn't care less about his politics.

well, but I do. I don´t make up my mind about a person only based on a tiny aspect of his personality like his thoughts when it comes to photography. Could easily be friends with someone who has a different approach to photography but never with somebody who shows Anderon´s mindset when it is about politics etc.

Unless he starts
using public forums to stoke up racism or some such,

he is smart enough not to do this here on dpreview, but what would you call some of his other posts on other forums? Just a look at his nick names is enough for me:

"Conserfvatives = pedophiles, Crack baby as President, Do the World a favour, kill a leftist, Get lost, Hysterical leftwing global warmers must DIE, It's Americans OR Democrats, Leftists = traitors, Liberals are STILL vermin, Liberals are vermin..." , from here:

I think right
wingers have as much right to their opinions as any one else.

Sure, they do. But only from looking at his nick names mentioned above, I really hope this is not what you would call a "normal right winger"!

problem with poor moderation is that the vigorous opponents get
moderated and banned and the provokers don't. No moderation at all is
better than that.

Well, moderation is not perfect here. On the other hand, would you like to do the job of moderating all these forums?

I can live with the kind of moderation we see here, all I would like to see different is some kind of explanation, WHY certain posts or threads get deleted or locked.

I know this is classically called trolling, but I cant see myself
what is wrong with it.

So there is nothing wrong with classical trolling?? Oh well, that is your opinion!

If the subject is controversial, it is worth
discussing, by definition. There is almost no point discussing
subject on which there is a consensus. Nobody is forced to join such
a thread, and everybody is responsible for their own actions. I can't
see it's reasonable to lose control of yourself, then blame the OP
for your lack of self control.

Agreed. But I´m sure you can see the difference between a post to start a discussion about a controversial subject and rander´s question mark subject line troll posts ?!

subject lines of his posts usually all followed the same pattern,
going to the relevant forum and then posting something followed by a
question mark, e. g. going to the Oly DSLR forum and asking something
like maybe "E-3 banding/noise really that bad?" Easy to imagine the
reactions, not only those of the fan boys, lol!

If the
proposition behind the question is untrue, then simply present the
evidence to the contrary.

The proposition behind troll questions usually holds a certain tiny amount of thruth, they know that very well. Part of their way of operating, getting the pro and con folks into fights with each other. From a psychological point of view quite interesting.

Eventually, if your arguments are good
enough, the 'troll' will lose credibility. When people start with the
'don't feed the troll' messages, they show up their own lack of
intellectual maturity, rather than the troll's.

Better these "don´t feed the troll" messages than to see such threads grow to 150 posts with the usual result, that otherwise normal and peaceful people end up getting into fights and hating each other because somebody overreacted.


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