pentax W60 vs Panasonic TS1

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Re: pentax W60 vs Panasonic TS1

I previously owned the Pentax W60. I have recently researched waterproof digitals again and narrowed it down to the Panasonic and the Canon D10. I purchased the Canon because it had the f/2.8 lens. I shoot whitewater kayaking photos from the kayak and needed every advantage to eliminate blurred photos.

Between the Pentax and Panasonic I would go with the Panasonic. It has real image stabilization and the Pentax does not. It also has better quality at higher ISO. In good light, they were both very close but I would give a slight edge to the Pentax.

As far as LCD viewing in bright light, the Pentax was OK but not great. My Canon D10 is much better in this regard. The Canon is much more responsive, faster to start up and in shot to shot time. I have not tried the Panasonic so I cannot say for it.

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