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Re: To Phil....

Not paranoid. I was only reporting what happened as I discovered it happening. Colossus' thread being deleted at the same time I was posting my response provided some weird data for about nine minutes.

After the deleted posts, there was even more confusion since it appeared another Colossus post was what I was responding to. If you read his post that I was responding to you would understand why it was deleted.

What we are left with is that the one person that admitted to working against WSSA in support of Phil, is now disqualified by Phil. Interesting.

Bobn2 wrote:

strangely, I think it's my turn to suggest you might be paranoid.
It's easy to think that DPR is taking measures against you, when in
fact it's just their appallingly poor software. Another gripe I have
with DPR, I suppose it's OK for the server side stuff to be as poor
as it is (a natural consequence of anyone mad enough to use MS to
power their servers) but the client side just eats every resource
your computer has. Get the process stats on it, and you'll see the
browser running DPR eating your memory and processor cycles for

Bill Randall wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

I made what I thought was a polite and meaningful response to your
post but it appears I have been locked out. This is just a test.

Not locked out.

Phil -

After posting my first response this morning, indications on Dpreview
were that it had been accepted with the number of minutes showing in
"My Threads" (at one point it was 9 minutes) and the same number of
minutes in the forum menu.

All of a sudden my post went away.

Will wait to see if this one goes away as well.

I forgot to mention the post itself never did show up. At first I
thought it was the 2 minute delay sometimes experienced. I kept
waiting and the number of minutes kept indicating my post was
accepted but then vanished.

I just noticed the thread by Colossus I was responding to has been
deleted. This would also delete my response. Must have all happened
at the same time.

I think his post which you probably saw before deleting it, indicates
the attitude of those apposed to WSSA.

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