G1 vs. GH1 RAW high ISO conversions

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Re: G1 vs. GH1 RAW high ISO conversions

ljmac wrote:

Judging from all the JPEG comparisons I've seen, the GH1 seems to
blow away the G1 at high ISO - or any other 4/3rds camera for that
matter. But I'd really like to see RAW conversions with the same
converter to be sure - is there anywhere I could see these?

all ive seen are jpegs from IR
id be interested to know if the redish cast disappears
(this must be a higher NR setting, not sure how that works on GH1)
the blacks are easy to like though

Please note that I am unable to run any RAW processing software
capable of converting both cameras' files on my ancient OS (yes I
will be upgarding soon!).

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