New York City Police Statement About Photography

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Re: How about that!! What's next??

Rootbeer wrote:


Look at the context here.. We have a HUGE metropolitan area,
consisting of several million people milling about, where billions of
dollars are made, that contribute greatly to the USSA, & World
economies, where 10 terrorists successfully killed over three
thousand people from all over the world, including many fine NYPD
officers, and rescue workers, which caused a major disturbance in the
US & World economies, who have been reminded the rights of
photographers,...(probably because of Youtube IMO).. so that they
don't become targets of police aggression.

That in it's self is remarkable, since photographers have been
unfairly targeted for conducting an activity protected by the United
States Constitution. I hope that memo is followed by other police
departments, including ones in cow-towns like mine in comparison to
NY City, where I have personally experienced problems with bad cops
who unlawfully target photographers.


............Have we sunk so low in the training of our police
officers that we have to remind them of foundational rights every US
citizen, and tourist has supposedly had?

I think that is a good start.. Unfortunately, websites like exist because of some things like this, where some
police have been completely out of line, which has caused
embarassment to their departments, and loss revenue from tax-payers
who fund the lawsuits brought against them.

What's next? A memo going out to all NYPD to stop the practice of
searching vehicles, businesses, and homes without probable cause?
What should we do then, celebrate that the cops are being reminded to
follow the LAW they are supposed to uphold...?


You seem to think that it's a simple matter to keep thousands of regulations and laws in the forefront of one's mind while doing a job that might require instant application of one or more of those regulations or laws.

As photographers, we have a primary concern: our photography. A cop has a primary concern, too: protecting the public. Sometimes those two are going to clash. A reminder such as the on for the NYPD helps to prevent such clashes from becoming far more frequent.

Police work is difficult. Some cops are better at it than others. Like doctors and dentists and shrinks and the rest of us, half of them are below average. It's a wise citizen who allows for that.

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