New York City Police Statement About Photography

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Re: "What a wonderfully level-headed and sensible document."

1. Of course, and that's why they are our police and some of our finest — with or without a document such as this; and, British police are just as good, you need nothing in writing, and neither did we, for that matter,

2. People, wake up, as I say it again: Police are our friends and all the ones I know, like to use cameras, and/or video camcorders, same as we do.

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MisterBG wrote:
What a wonderfully level-headed and sensible document.
I was particularly impressed with the wording of paragraph 2.
A set of guidelines like this should be issued to all law enforcement
authorities, and particularly to "rent a cop" private security guards.
I await a UK version, but I doubt we'll get one.

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