Absence of viewfinder

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Erik Ohlson
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Re: Absence of viewfinder

Of course, OVFs have parallax problems, and the G10 OVF does NOT show the true borders of the image [my son in law has one].

The LCD at least shows the actual, parallax free image, but is hard to see in harsh light - and there are those of us who aren't very happy with the camera and that little LCD image at arm's length.

The answer? Electronic View Finder [EVF]. I see no real reason this couldn't be incorporated into these pocket cameras [LX-3, TZ-5/7], possibly as a pop-up to save internal space while being carried.

Nikon's P-60 has an EVF, and it's not THAT much bigger - particularly when you consider it also uses big, clunky AA batteries.

Panasonic should lead the way, here.

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