New York City Police Statement About Photography

Started May 26, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Paul Grupp wrote:

. . . as anything but really good news for professional and amateur
photographers alike.

The paranoia and crazy restrictions of rights that followed 9/11 was
completely ineffective in reducing terrorism risk, and tore at the
very fabric of what the United States is supposed to be about.

This document is a breath of fresh air and reason, and whoever came
up with it is to be applauded, IMHO.

-- In search of Wabi-Sabi

The NYPD has had the same position on photography since 9/11. But as always a handful of officers were taken in by the Federal Administrations attempt to turn us into terrified sheep.

Indeed, the NYPD actually held a Press Conference in 2002 rediculing the idea that terrorists need to photograph public open targets that could be eyeballed. This iteration of long held policies are simply required every few years to REMIND their own personal of how ludicrous these fears are.


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