TZ7/ZS3 - Panasonic, please update!

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TZ7/ZS3 - Panasonic, please update!

I'm a happy owner of a blue (very nice) TZ7, but....

  • I would like to have access to "Color Mode" in Quick Menu!!!

  • Would like to set "Flash off" in iA-mode.

  • Would like to set Inteligent ISO to ISOMAX200 (Today I cant go lower than ISOMAX400)

And when I view a captured video the lcd displays how long the movie have been played (XX sec.) I would rather have seen a "countdown" for easily see the remaining time of the movieclip.

  • I want countdown instead of counting when playback a movieclip!

Please Panasonic!

  • And, of course, I hate the stupid REC/PLAY switch!!!!

My old Pentax W30 have better camerabuttons but video/picture are far better on my new TZ7.

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