TZ7/ZS3: more teleconverter tests

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TZ7/ZS3: more teleconverter tests

I recently tested my TZ7 indoors with the Olympus C180 TC at about 8m using a makeshift adapter:

Using the same adapter rig, I tested the Oly C180 and the Oly C210 outdoors, at 12x zoom (300mm) using a tripod. The tests were done by taking shots of a power pole about 30m away, as done previously in tests on my FZ28:

The weather was cloudy and overcast so this was a "torture test" for the TCs, as darker, sharp edged objects having a high contrast against the bright sky tend to show up any colour fringing. Here are the entire 10MP images, just reduced in size for posting:
Without TC:

With C180:

With C210:

Below are 100% crops (without any PP) of the centre and edge of 10MP shots taken without any TC, then with the C180, and finally with the C210:
No TC, centre:

No TC, edge:

C180, centre:

C180, edge:

C210, centre:

C210, edge:

The Oly C180 seems to give slightly better overall IQ than the C210, although in the centre of the image the C210 does seem to provide more visible detail. Both TCs give considerably more detail than the cam alone, even though there is slight colour fringing with the C180, and more with the C210. The colour fringing is worse towards the edges, and at the edges the C210 image is softer than the C180.

The Oly C180 has a nominal power of 1.7x, and the Oly C210, which is only slightly larger in size, has a nominal power of 1.9x. At 8m I found the Oly C180 gave a magnification value of about 1.60x, but at 30m the value increased to 1.69x, giving an effective FL of 507mm. The magnification value of the C210 at 30m was 1.84x, giving an effective FL of 552mm.

It seems that given a suitable adapter, either of these TCs could be useful outdoors with the TZ7 for say, shots of distant birds. Both TCs are small and lightweight and can be easily carried in a pocket.


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