Will there be more FF form Sony?

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Re: Sony is considering a economical A900

Endos wrote:

(In Spanish):


P:"Tal vez sería una buena estrategia coger el sensor de la A900 e
integrarlo en un cuerpo más económico, tal y como hizo Nikon con la
D3 y la D700"

R:"Es una idea que estamos considerando."

What are they going to remove?

The a900 is not a treasure chest of needless gadets. It is the highest res DSLR made now selling for about $2500-2600 USD.

Would anyone here buy an A800 with "no seals and no microadjust"

In my opinion Sony needs an A500.. looks like we are getting one. I would hope it has a 12 MP c-mos.. .lower cost grip poly carbon body more photography features and is the proper heir apparent to the A100 in the $1000 advanced amature market.

Then they need an A700 with better high ISO (I would love 12 MP back light.. but they will probably up it to 14-15 MP) and gain some ISO improvement but not as much. and it needs to have a better focusing system. I love the Nikon screwns where the AF points can vanish. so you can choose all 51 or or a sub set. It needs to tell you when you MF is correct like some Canons do (I shot a 5D last week and loved that feature) and show you which points are in focus like Canon and the A200/A300. It needs micro adjust..

If Sony wants to shake things up the A700 replacement could be a FF 16 MP sensor, for $1700.

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