Wedding shoot, no experience

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Re: Wedding shoot, no experience

If I were doing this I would take my S5 and use it and nothing else. Have a fully charged up, functional and operational back-up system in your bag but only use it in an emergency.

Keep it simple. Use the S5 and a single lens and flash. For you that would probably be the 18-200 along with your SB600.

You may use a tripod when required by low light, if you want and are allowed. Try to be discrete. If you are not experienced with it, don't take it.

If you don't have enough memory, get more from an approved source where the card is approved for the S5. A 16Gb Lexar card cost me only £21 and I seldom need any more. Avoid Kingston.

Have a spare card and a fully charged spare battery.

Make sure you test any new gear well ahead of the event. I have bought memory cards that weren't reliable in the past. Only take robust trusted equipment of any sort with you. You don't want to be bursting open a new memory card to discover it doesn't work. Worse still is if it looks like it is working but isn't actually recording usable files.

At the wedding take a few formal poses if you are allowed but concentrate more on capturing "different" or unusual shots than the official photographer takes. Capture the spirit of the event rather than duplicating and getting in the way of the Pro. If all eyes are not on you in the formal shots you are not getting the best shots so don't bother and don't create problems for the Pro.

As a guest you will have access to more people and the whole event and can give a much wider view of things. I've done a few "guest" shoots and it takes all the pressure off, allowing you to enjoy the event and do something different.
Norman Young

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