SB-900 recommended batteries?

Started May 24, 2009 | Discussions thread
William Nguyen Junior Member • Posts: 42
For me, Sanyo eneloop no more the best

During the Ritz's closing sale last month, I saw the new Ni-Zn Super Z batteries. At first, I was skeptical about these new batteries. Reading the review from a user at saying he blew up his 2 SB-600s discouraged me more. But after a while, the price dropped to 30% of the original price (70% off), I told myself just make a try. After the first charge, I used a Fluke 87 multi meter to monitor the performance of these batteries along with my Eneloops for 3 days. The discharge rate was pretty much the same as the Eneloops' (I recorded data on a piece of paper, but after a few weeks, I could not find it. Maybe, my wife throwed it away.) If I remember right, the voltage drop was about 2 to 3 mV/day for both types of baterries. And the rate remained constant during the 3-day test. The Super Z's initial voltage after charging was about 1.84 V vs 1.44V from the Eneloop. Regarding this, the discharge rate in percentage of the Super Z was better (0.003/1.84 is better than 0.003/1.44 per day.) On day 3, I thought that was enough for the discharge rate test. I went ahead for testing the batteries on my flashes. Still remembering what I had read, I used a SB28 from the film era. Setting the SB28 in manual mode, I fired it 10 times at full power. The voltage dropped about 0.044 V on both sets of batteries. It took the SB28 3 seconds with the Super Z and 4 seconds with the Eneloop to get the ready lamp on after firing. I did not have a stop watch to measure the time, but I counted 101, 102, 103, 104 ... Definitly, the Super Z was faster. If my SB28 was fine with the Super Z, why the SB800 not? So I tried the Super Z on my SB800 and I was so glad I bought the Super Z. I did not compare directly (same pic, same flash with different batteries), but I thought I liked the end results more with the Super Z. Now the Eneloops ended up in my MB-D10.

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