Epson 3800 refurbished from Epson

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Re: 3800 Refurbished...Quality?

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Scott, I doubt that any consumer knows (for certain) exactly what the

refurbishing procedure is and especially if the routine is the same
for every printer being refurbished. Isn't what you have stated
above just "your opinion rather than a fact" -- or do you have some
reference supplied by Epson as to specifically the steps they follow.

This is indeed accurate, and I've contacted Epson several times to try to confirm what the "refurbishment" process entails. Unfortunately, they aren't very forthcoming with detailed answers though it is my impression that these units can be either demo's, returns, or warranty returns. In terms of what are done to the units or who does it (epson technicians vs. outsourcing) Epson won't disclose that.

We purchased another 3800, this time a refurb through Prodigitalgear and have been very pleased. The unit had some minor cosmetic marks, namely a ding on the upper plastic panel near the buttons but has been functioning flawlessly. Besides it comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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