Canon 500D doesn't record continuously!! (Class 6 SD card write speed too slow??!!)

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Canon 500D doesn't record continuously!! (Class 6 SD card write speed too slow??!!)

Hey guys,

I just bought the Canon 500D/T1i recently, and the movie mode is stuffing up for me big time!

From the instruction manual, it says there's a bar on the right hand side that shows the amount of data not yet written.

Basically when I record video, it will stop at random times.

Sometimes after 5 seconds, sometimes 3 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes.

I've tried on ALL 3 levels of movie quality (640x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080) and they all stuff up!

The SD card I'm using is an A-Data 16gb Class 6 card and I did a test of its writing/reading speed and it is on par with a normal Class 6 card.

From the manual, here are the rates of data transfer:
1920x1080: 330MB/min
1280x720: 222MB/min
640x480: 165MB/min

The write speed of the card is a minimum of 6MB/s (Class 6 standard), therefore in a minute, I should be able to transfer: 360MB/minute!!

So why can't I even transfer 165MB/min?

The SD card was from does register a write speed of 6MB/s using a memory card speed reader.

Could this be the fault of the 500D firmware? Or maybe it's just my camera?

Help please - it's really annoying!!


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