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Re: The most important fact

Chad Marek wrote:

Ken_5D wrote:

The D90 is interesting.. It started at $999 Body only.. Same as the
A700 now.. without Video.. what would make it a better value than the
A700 besides "its a Nikon" ?

It's 12 months newer, and falls right in line with the pricing model
of the D80.

Are you suggesting that you have forgotten how pricing models for
technology products work?

No..but do you think it makes the same splash without the video?

like I said the D90 is interesting because. Without Video it still has some nice features unique to its level and a new sensor that looks to be very nice.. so this is a case where its harder to see the cost of the Video.. but I would guess it came in a new sensor with what looks to be the same AF system.

The Canon 5D MKII is an easy one to call. Video cost you whatever
other feature would have made it a stand out against the A900 and
D700. Video is it.. it let Canon release the camera with an under
powered processor with slower FPS etc. Canon needed on "best of
class feature" Video took that place.. what would it have been if the
5DMKII was marketed as still camera not DSLR/Camcorder hybrid.

The "underpowered processor" has been discussed. You have apparently
chosen to either forget or ignore the facts involved, as well as the
concept of product differentiation.

How could I forget it.. I am explaining it to you. I think we are talking about protecting the Up level Pro cameras ... I am talking about competitive differentiation.. Video is it for the 5dMKII ..

Lets look at the ISSUE of CPU power.
50D 15 MP APS still turning out 6.3 FPS 9 point AF 35 area Metering
5D 12 MP FF 3 FPS 9 AF points 35 point Metering
5D MKII 21 MP FF 3.9 FPS 9 AF points 35 metering points VIDEO!!
1d MKIII 5 FPS 45 point AF system 63 area metering system

The Competition
D700 12 MP FF 5 - 8 FPS 11 or 15 AF points 3D matrix Metering
A900 25 MP FF 5 FPS 9 AF with assist points 40 segments

Its fine to protect the 1D by under-powering the 5D unless it causes you to bleed market share.. because it has not one key feature where it is best..

Canon has lost 22 points of share in the last few years mostly to Nikon..

Its not an accident that Canon pushed Video out of the gate.. it is the only thing it had on the D700 and A900 besides being a compromise between them

If it didn't have Video.. what do you think Canon would have used to push this camera? Would it be the same camera.. or would they have improved some other feature? or lowered the price another $100-$200 to $2499 on release.

You don't get a new feature that touches the entire image data path for free.. what do you think was delayed for the future so this feature could come out now?

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