Question about jpg noise from new FZ28 owner

Started May 17, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Question about jpg noise from new FZ28 owner

In my experience, fz28 (far better then my fz7 about noise and noise reduction) can take photos with acceptable noise with the usual strategies:

-stay in low iso (how many times do you need to shot in low light ?)

-use raw, this is a little pearl of our camera. Don't use default settings in raw software, generally you will obtain a similar result to the in camera processing (or worse...) Instead, control manually every parameter. This is a tedious and long approach, but... for best results you have a price to pay

-use histogram !! Try to expose towards the right zone of the histogram. With this trick I was able to recover also my incredibly noisy lx1. There are a lot of discussions about this technique, for exemple:

Generally remember that darken in pp a bright image (not burned!) produce shadows, but lightening shadows often produce noise.


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