K-7 rules! take it from the nikon guy

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Re: K-7 rules! take it from the nikon guy

ManuH wrote:

Indeed, I was thinking about that today. Since this combo there was
not really as much change in a new camera. The D300 had so many new
features compared to the D200, it was (and still is, almost 2 years
after) mind boggling.

Yes, the semi-pro that obsoleted yesterday's professional line. Quite an achievement. This is good for everyone though, it almost forces the industry to take big steps forward at gunpoint.

Canon seems to not worry, they release relatively boring updates to a
design that is coming from their D30/D60/10D. They were a long time
ahead of the game due to their superior control of noise in their
CMOS chip. But now they've lost that advantage, there not as special
as before. Good cameras but nothing new or really exciting and too
much crippling.

Yeh i agree. 20D was the last interesting camera from the XXD, ever since it's been incremental update. It's frustrating, they are the market leader, but it seems everyone else is doing the leading and they are releasing crippled bodies one after the other. You bet Canon has the best technologies but they aren't using them. Take 1DsMkIII and 5DMkII for example. The same 21MP sensor but with 2 stop high ISO advantage after only a year? Doubt they developed that in one year...

The E-3 was very nice, what was (and still is) not is the price they
ask for. In some markets it's more expensive than the D300. It has
some features the Nikon doesn't have but the 4/3 sensors had always
inferior performance (in DR and high ISO). Otherwise Olympus has the
most modern mount along with Canon. 4/3 was maybe their worst
decision and something that will prevent an otherwise great system to
get a stronger market share. Note that there is not really anything
like an E-3 with a 12-60. That's a really powerful combo.

Yeh it is overpriced and it's advantages don't outweight it's disadvantages. Though i don't see how a modern mount is an advantage. I mean the half a century old F-mount didn't stop Nikon from making the sharpest ultra wide lens ever. Also, this is no reason why they couldn't have made a K-7 sized E3. Wouldn't that be an even more powerful combo?

There is still something I would like from Olympus: their swiveling LCD.

Personally i won't see LV as that useful a feature until the camera's AF is fully functional in LV, as in nikon's 51pt 3D tracking system is useable in LV mode. Swivel screens are nice, but see how Olympus had to move all the controls to the right/bottom side to make room for the rotating mechanism? So it is nice, but it shouldn't come at the expense of control interface. Also you could argue it'll compromise the overall structural integrity of the camera.

I don't think we'll see an E3 update this year. Nikon is usually on a
18-months cycle, so the D400 should be out this year and will most
probably include video and maybe a higher resolution sensor. They
will have a hard time to improve on the D300 IMHO. The 60D is
probably due this summer (Canon seems to be on a fast 1-year cycle)
and will probably includes video too... Video seems to be the next
buzz to sell an upgrade it seems. And let's not forget Sony which
should follow up on the A700.

Yeh i agree, don't see how D400 will be a major upgrade like D300 was. Sony is going in the wrong directions. They are only interested in making Point & shoot DSLRs. They will take over from Olympus and be responsible for including gimmick features in low-end DSLRs. Though it remains unclear how they'll approach high-end cameras. But from simple things like noise-reduction algorithms you can see hints that Sony is not mature enough yet to tackle high-end camera designs.

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