Doors of perception: Color as you remember it

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The Kodak Q-13 chart is for process colors...

Mark Smith wrote:

Or buy one of these:

They do them in various sizes they are designed to be placed along
flat artwork

Flat artwork that's printed using a CMYK process.

Paintings, pastels, product photography, petunias, and such are done with a ColorChecker. (My subconscious has been using heavy alliteration for the last few hours: I've just noticed it consciously, but I don't know if I should go out of my way to stop it, or encourage it). If I have contact permission, I check "problem colors" with the spectro.

The process tools like your chart can't handle colors seen by wideband devices like cameras. They break down if something looks orange because it's reflecting spectral orange wavelengths instead of a combination of green and red wavelengths.

they come in pairs with a greyscale photographers in
Europe have been using them for years.
I think they are a Kodak Europe product.

We have them on this side of the pond, too

In the US, it's called a Q-13. One of several charts I use routinely. My Q-60, R-29, and Q-13 charts all say "Made in the USA by Kodak" or "Kodak Licensed Product Made in U.S.A. by Tiffen" on the yellow envelopes.

The U.S. version has "color" spelled American style, and the chart says

"KODAK Color Control Patches (C) The Tiffen Company 2000 Kodak Licensed Product"

here is a vendor

Thank you. There is a vendor 3 miles from my house in the suburbs of Detroit, called Logix. They stock all sorts of fun stuff: large format Epson printers, color measurement tools, charts that I use, and charts that I don't even know what they do...

Cheaper than the Colour checker they come with a wallet for storage I
replace them Bi annually

You can't use one to generate a camera profile through Adobe DPE, PictoColor InCamera, or the Tom Fors PhotoShop action.

Cal time here at the Werks involves replacing 3 Stofen wedges, 1 Kodak wedge, the ColorChecker, the ceramic plate for the sched A densitometer, the printed plate for the sched T, having X-rite certify the spectro, and Tek certify the photometer and the calibrated light source.

My Q-13, R-29, and all the Q-60 charts are hopelessly out of date, one scanner hasn't been calibrated in years, and the other is dead. Process work, beyond what I can do with a sched-T densitometer, isn't part of my life at this time.

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