TZ7 / ZS3 Third Party Battery Works!!!

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Re: TZ7 / ZS3 Third Party Battery Works!!!

ron2000 wrote:

touge wrote:

What's interesting is the original battery is made in china and most
of these 3rd party batteries are also made in china, so it could be
the factory that makes the battery for panasonic could be offering
them to 3rd party manufacturers also. Notice the mah listed matches
the oem also.

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What else is not made in China???

It is not likely that the factory who make for Panasonic also sell
the same things to others as that would risk Panasonic withdrawing
their agreement.

you think so? you have not read about how china manuf actually works? after a run is done, its popular to 'do another run' for yourself, so to speak. common practice over there.

Also, with China made 3rd party batteries, take the markings
(ratings, certificates etc) with a pinch of salt.

actually, its the cells that matter - not where its put together.

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