SZ3/TZ7 - how to increase dynamic range?

Started May 18, 2009 | Discussions thread
digby dart Veteran Member • Posts: 6,163
Quasi dynamic range.

Using RawTherapee the apparent dynamic range can be noticeably increased on the Fz28. This may be the case on your camera as well.

As a long time Fuji Nikon S3Pro owner I immediately noticed the dynamic range diminished shooting with the Fz28.

I opt for using the old adage expose for the highlights and develop for the shadows as the shooting axiom – then use RawTherapee to push the exposure. This works somewhat but the real difference comes from the Shadow / Highlight recovery feature in the exposure side bar. With practice less blown out areas and more detail in the highlights and shadows.

There is a limit to this process, so it’s not as good as the dual hex pattern sensor on the Fuji Nikon, but it certainly gets very close indeed.

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