SZ3/TZ7 - how to increase dynamic range?

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Mike Kor Regular Member • Posts: 113
SZ3/TZ7 - how to increase dynamic range?

Hi all,

What I can use / do / tricks to increase dynamic range of resulting picturies.
The issue is that I'm getting too dark subject on too white backgroung.
Yes, I used flash when I can - it helps, but not much.

When I took scenery picture of waterfall in background it resulted in all white for waterfall and dark trees around it.

yes, I tried bracketing + - 1 and 0.5 - ether whole picture got too dark or water is just white.

The same applies to any tunnel pictures - the tunnel stones all black and you can't see any, where background is white and nothing you can't see there ether.

It's like over contrast - ether dark or white and nothing in between.

I don't see any options on ZS3 for contrast

Any tips how to make pictures better are very welcome.


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Best Regards.

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