chromatic aberration in b&W?

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Re: chromatic aberration in b&W?

clear glass wrote:

-If you shoot a b&w jpeg, will chromatic aberration still affect the
I think so: 1. all the pixels which record color are mapped onto
shades of gray.
2. if the pixels which represent different colors indicate the same
brightness of the different colors, then the fringing of color
aberrations will map a dot in the subject onto a disk in the image.
3. if the pixels which represent different colors are indicating
different intensities, then a point on the subject will appear in the
image with a halo(s).
Does this seem accurate?-

For the guy who says just take pictures: I enjoy the reviews and find
this kind of thing interesting too.

Yes, the different colors in the fringing are translated into "shades of grey" when developed into a B&W photo..

Having said that, you need to consider a few things:

Purple and green fringes both translate into grey, so they are no way near as "Jarring" in B&W as they are in color.

The fringing would need to be VERY BAD indeed to corupt a B&W photo, unless, of course, you are enlarging to a GREAT extent, in which case it wolud look more like "loss of focus" than fringing.

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