Mutiple photos mangled on one page problem!

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Re: Mutiple photos mangled on one page problem!

Two possibilities come to mind right away:

(1) Saved settings from one version of the printer driver may not be compatible with the new driver if you've updated the driver. Try using "Help", "Reset Printer Settings" in Qimage and then restart Qimage and set up the driver settings manually (do not recall any printer setups). Then print and see if the problem is fixed. If so, the driver has been updated and your old saved printer setups are not compatible with the new driver: you'll have to rebuild them manually.

(2) Go to "Page Formatting", "Page Margins" and make sure there are no negative values in the "additional" margins on that dialog. Some printer drivers can handle negative margins while others cannot.

Either one of the above two issues could cause strange results via the printer driver "losing its mind". When testing, if the printer driver has a "preview" option, activate that so you can see what the page looks like before it prints. Might save you some paper.

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