New 450D- unsharp pics

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Re: New 450D- unsharp pics

621andy wrote:

Hi All

I'm a newbie to the forum, but not a newbie to cameras...

I've just bought a 450D to replace my Sony R1, and am disappointed to
say the least, with the quality of the pics.

I've only shot a few pics and am still fiddling with settings etc,
but I was expecting far better than this!!

It's got the cheap and nasty 'kit' lens with it, so I wasn't
expecting Zeiss like quality a la my R1, but even so... Have I just
bought a lemon, or is the sharpness quality really so bad on these

Comments please!

More than likely you are doing something wrong. DSLR's have a high learning curve. I am still learning about my 450, and I am pushing 6000 shutter releases.

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