Is this a good deal?

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Check the shutter count

In addition to what the last poster said, check the shutter count.

This seems like a fair price if:

1. it has mid to low shutter actutions (say 15k or less). You can download opanda to find this out. Load opanda on the laptop and take it with you when you do the transaction. Take a snap with the camera, upload it to the laptop and check shutter actuations with opanda.

2. SD card is a name brand (kingston, sandisk, pny, lexar, adata, corsair, etc) If it is one of those cheapy Chinese no-name things, then it is worthless.
3. No obvious scratches, cracks, peeling rubber, etc.
4. lens is clear, free of scratches, and does not have fungus.
5. Seller should be able to tell you when and where they bought the camera.

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