So what is Nikon waiting for, and, how can they wait?

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Re: CMYG is a linear transform of RGBG...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

luxor2 wrote:

All that needs to be accomplished is the reproduction, after matrix
calculation, of the 3 visual eye responses, long,mid and short
wavelength regions. A good selection of filter primarys allows
generation of these responses with optimum s/n in each channel.


CMYG is just a linear transform of RGBG.

No, CMYG passes a different part of the spectrum at three out of the four subarrays. The spectro-spatial frequency correlations are quite different.

Furthermore, the basis in the linear space matters, since in any given basis, the basis coefficients must be positive in the image capture (no such thing as a negative number of photons). To the extent that there is a gamut for digital capture, this is a big part of it.

Finally, I would imagine that metamerism issues are strongly dependent on the color filter spectral response functions, and thus quite different for CMYG and RGBG; but that's speculation on my part.

PS -- how's the wrist coming along?

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