MOV to AVI file conversion

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Re: MOV to AVI file conversion

archiebald wrote:

29.97 fps is NTSC standard for TV viewing in the US, Canada & Japan.

25 fps is the PAL system used by most of the world.

24 fps is used by cinema

30fps is what the computer industry uses.

I'm still using Vegas 7 - this may be the same for you.

From "Render As...", click on "Save As Type" and you will have the
option to select avi, wmv, mpg etc. Depending on the type selected,
you can then edit the template for 30fps IN SOME INSTANCES. For
example, there are options for 30 fps output when wmv and mpg are
selected, but not for avi.

Thanks for that!

What's the logic behind having the 30 fps option only for some of the file types?

It seems a bit conservative to me to stick to the PAL and NTSC frame rates. What's the relevance of these when playing the movies on a computer or a HDTV?

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