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Re: Increase sharpness 2 notches and saturation & contrast 1 or 2 notches

Ken is a great guy and always up for a good laugh. That said I respect his opinion on most issues. But I also believe that he sinks his own ship in this debate right from the start with this passage:

"I'm sharing what works for me gathered across three decades of continuous full-time paid professional experience in digital imaging. In addition I was studying digital imaging for ten years before I got my engineering degree and started as a professional working with the guys with Ph.Ds in mathematics who invented all this. "

Yes, Ken is a highly skilled professional making a living by shooting pictures. This gives him experience on a level that most of us don't have and will probably never have. He applies this experience towards his tools/camera and is able to make "perfect" shots every time - by all means he should shoot jpg and save both memory space and time in PP.

Me, a lowly amateur however, I believe that I benefit a lot from RAW, the ability to correct WB when I forget to change from tungsten to daylight in the heat of the moment, the ability to correct exposure + -2 stops when my equipment is not up to snuff shooting indoor sports, the ability to adjust saturation and contrast to my likings (can't apply this in camera like Ken can on his more expensive stuff) etc etc...

Bottom line, what applies for Ken's situation may not apply for you...

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