Can the ZS3 video be converted to HD on DVD?

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Re: Can the ZS3 video be converted to HD on DVD?

fbx wrote:

Yeah, I know, DVD isn't HD. But--well, frankly, I plugged the camera
into my Pioneer 50" and it didn't look HD either. In fact it looked
lousy. Now this was using the cable that came with the ZS3, so
probably I have to go buy an HDMI cable with the right kind of plug
on camera side, but I wasn't that impressed with the vid on my 24"
iMac (running Vista) and using the software that came with the ZS3.

So, the question is: what's the best way to get best quality video to
my TV from the ZS3? And after that, what's the 2nd best way?

Many thanks--

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It would not do your camera justice if you connect the AV cable that came with the camera to your HD TV and complain about it. It is propably not DVD quality but more like upsacled VCD.

If you have HD LCD TV, getting a HDMI cable is a must if you want to view video on TV. You can get one for a few $ on ebay. Do not pay Panasonic price!

If you do not have a BD player or PS3, there is no 2nd best way. You can burn the video on DVD to DB (AVCHD) format and it retains HD quality when you play the DVD in BD player.

For playing in PC (windows) you need to installed codec and player to play the HD video better. Native media player without additional codec will not play satisfactorily. I recommend k-lite codec (with media player classic) and it is free.
I am not sure it will work within iMac though.

A laptop with HDMI output is my idea of 2nd best solution to play HD video on your TV if you do not have a BD player.

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