Canon D10 arrives

Started May 15, 2009 | Discussions thread
OP Robert Anderson Senior Member • Posts: 2,268
First impressions

1. Smaller than I expected. It will fit in my PFD (lifejacket) pocket.
2. Difficult to hold with wet hands. It needs a finger grip on the front.
3. Strap can be attached on any corner. Cool.
4. Button layout is OK except Wide/Tele seems backwards from normal.
5. Screen is bright enough to use in sunlight, better than most i have used.
6. Start up and focus times are pretty quick.
7. Battery charger is nice size with fold up plug, no cord.

8. Image quality looks very good, better than I expected, way better than my Pentax W60.

9. Slight softness in corners at wide angle but not really a problem. This one looks much better than some I had seen samples from online.

10. Some Jpeg artifacts visible in smooth background at 100% viewing on computer screen.
11. f/2.8 lens allows some background blurring. Bokeh not that pretty.
12. Very good exposure and white balance.
I'll post some samples soon.

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