f30zoom vs f200exr (exr sn) on iso800 and above

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Re: f30zoom vs f200exr (exr sn) on iso800 and above

learning_photography wrote:

1st of all, "exr sn" of f200exr produces 6mp and f30zoom is a 6mp
camera, it is fair to compare them ;).

f200exr iso 800 exr sn (6mp):


f30zoom iso 800 (6mp):


take a look at the black cloth's patterns on the left, u will notice
that f200exr blurred the patterns until virtually non existant but
f30zoom retain it although a bit softer than its iso 100.

f200exr iso 1600 exr sn (6mp):


f30zoom iso 1600 (6mp):


this time u will notice that f200exr will "makes" the black cloth
totally black without any patterns but f30zoom still retains a rather
soft but visible patterns on the black cloth.

Pattern is clearly visible on my monitor.

But thiis scene doesn't seem suited for resolution testing since the objects are at varying distances from the camera - thus some objects will be out of focus!

there are stronger noise reduction evidence on the f30zoom compared
to its lower isos. but based on the above findings, it still produces
better details compared to the f200exr which has less noise reduction
and with "exr sn".

correct me if i'm wrong, my assumption is, the black cloth can be
somehow "used" to represent dark areas. if one is to be picky about
low light details, f30zoom is a better choice compared to f200exr.

I prefer to shoot in a dark closet with lens poked into sleeve of a black sweater to block light from the LCD. The result is the noise generated by the camera. Visit my galleries so see results for several Fuji cameras. But currently I have neither of the two cameras discussed here.

well, of course, f200exr has much better features like dr 800%, etc,
but i'm just pointing out that f30zoom still fares better at high
isos fyi, i didn't own a f30zoom (i wish i did!) and was eager to
buy f200exr but bumped into imaging-resource.com and hope to share
with u all on my findings.

if anyone interested, shall take a look at lx3 samples at
imaging-resource, lx3 does very well on the black cloth's patterns


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