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Re: Are we there now? Probably yes, probably not.

Thank you Emanuele for your reply. I lurned a lot reading the articles you mentioned.

As a newby to photography and digital photography, i am reluctant to invest now in an S2 or D60 because i know the lenses have been designed for 35mm and this is going to change. I believe we are in a situation of transition that will lead to a new generation of lenses, following the trend that maybe Olympus is going to start. If we are going digital, lenses too have to go digital from the ground up.

I will have a look at the lenses you are referring, thanks for your pointers.


Emanuele Chiocchio wrote:
I think that u've misunderstood the sense, Marc. We're not speaking
about the "what should be better", we're speaking about "how good
actual technology is". Period. I repeat: a choice, including
waiting for the next model, is conditioned by your needs only.
About 35mm film vs. DSLRs I suggest to go here and read carefully:

About lens technology: it would be great to have smaller and
lighter lenses ( and we'll have them in the near future ) but have
u observed the latest Nikon trend? It seems to me that the new
upcoming AFS 70-200 VR is still based on the classic AF mount and
that the new Sigma's VR glass will have the same standards.
Probably u know MORE things than me, it's for sure, but I don't
believe that changing all the lenses that
Nikon/Canon/Sigma/Tamron/Tokina produce is so simple. We're
speaking of hundreds of different models not nuts. All their
projects and designs are the result of decades of R&D. Let me add
another thing: don't make the big mistake in thinking that smaller
equals cheaper. A "smaller" AFS constant aperture high quality ED
glass will always cost a little fortune.
Olympus is espected to produce a new DSLR w/ a new mount and lens
system sporting 1:1 ratio. I'm happy, very happy 'cause things are
changin'. Nikon seems to announce the new incredible D2, Canon is
going to present a new crop of digitals but believe me in the mean
time u're missing shots.
The S2 Pro is a beast capable of incredible results in A4/A3
prints; it's optical system ( the AF mount based one ) is one of
the best and expandable ever built; Nikon, Sigma, Tokina, Tamron
produce a so wide array of AF Mount based glass that u can choose
the lens u want: cheaper, lighter, pricey, fast, ultrafast.
The digital DSLR techology is mature enough to allow you to shoot
everything everywhere choosing the glass u can/want afford and
obtaining GREAT results.

We are using only part of the
expensive glass of our lenses but are paying full price for it

Well it's a controversial argument: some pros say that using only
the best central portion of the lens is better 'cause u can obtain
very high quality images using, for exmple, a 18-35 and not the
17-35 AFS. If u've not the need for speed the 18-35 seems a better
choice for the money.
Others are happy 'cause the FOV crop really extends the focal
lenght of their teles.
Others are unhappy 'cause they would use the entire lens at its
real focal lenght.
In my opinion all of them are right, everyone has his needs and
bases his choices on them, as I do.

Could I remember that one of the sharpest Nikon primes costs 90USD?

Can I ask a question, Mark? In your opinion it's more easier to
change the mount OR the size of the sensor? I think the second.

Obviously ALL this post is a very humble opinion of mine.


Emanuele Chiocchio

PS Only a year ago, a camera like the S2 at 2400USD was impossible
to imagine. Today we've it and there's a an important consequence:
have u noticed how many people that come from P&S cameras have now
a mid-range DSLR? It means that the manufacturers will cover their
R&D more quickly than w/ the high-end digitals like the D1x/1D/N
Digital and so on. Another important consequence is that
Nikon/Canon based mount lenses are selling more than ever and I
find difficult to change mount so easily to build lighter glass. I
M H O.

PS 2 My post's title states: "Probably yes, probably not".

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