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Newspaper Man
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Re: here's a quick sample of 65 people (group shot)

Steve Grodin wrote:

Newspaper man you might want to check your manual for the 580ex. My
manual says that High Speed Sync will work wireless. What ever the
master is set at will control the slave.


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now do this outdoors more than 10-feet away from each 580EXs (even with your canon ST-E2)... and if it works 100% you've got the best wireless setup that can do HI-SPEED sync...

and please update us how exactly you did it...

because mine... at 2-ft distance it's frustrating hit and miss and i can't accept this hit and miss for important shoots...


BUT there's are new PW products that will HI-SPEED SYNC (TTL) now... the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5... it just be ready to spend $420 - $860 (if you want three Speedlites)...

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