G1 Accessories Too Expensive.

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Re: The 20/1.7.

Ehrik wrote:

If they plan to sell it as a kit lens alternative to the G1 or to an
"LX5" with µ43 mount, they should have no problem to approach or
exceed the production volume of the recently introduced Nikkor 35/1.8
DX. Then the manufacturing cost should be comparable considering the
size, specs and construction. The Nikkor is less than €200. It's what
the 20/1.7 ought to cost, IMHO, given similar margins.

Now Panasonic might feel they are entitled to a bigger margin...

They may not have any plans for making it a kit lens (but that would
be a poor idea in my opinion). In that case the production volume
would be smaller so it would cost more, max €300 would be reasonable
in that case. I'm assuming normal good consumer build, i.e. no
weather sealing or Pentax-like all-metal body.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden

Do we have a price on the 20mm f1.7??

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