G1 Accessories Too Expensive.

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replies like this drive me crazy

Absolutely makes no sense at all.

How does making a statement that you think the price is too high for market and will lead to failure, which is actually just a simple observation, get turned into complaining? Complaining would be closer to buying the entire system while all the time saying it is too expensive. Not buying it and stating the why you are not buying it is NOT complaining

Besides, have we lost the right to complain? Have the manufacturers past a new law that I'm unaware of? We can't state that the we think a TV, a car, a stainless steel barbecue w/remote control is overpriced relative to the market?

Next thing will be we can't complain about performance (hey, it's better than anything you could get 5 years ago, don't whine) or anything - it's all just complaining, right?

People who have nothing better to do but whine about other peoples OBSERVATIONS must be the the most bored people on the planet. Hey, not very fair, but it's essentially your comment turned around. How do it feel to have your words turned around and made personal just like you did?

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