MOV to AVI file conversion

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Re: MOV to AVI file conversion

If you are using Vista, you can use Movie Maker with MOV files if you install the proper CODECs. The easy way to do this is to install a CODEC pack like Vista Codec Package (which is free):

After installing Vista Codec Package, I can drag-and-drop MOV files from Windows Explorer into Windows Movie Maker. I don't think Movie Maker will import directly, but using drag-and-drop works well. After installing Vista Codec Package, you can also see a thumbnail previews of your MOV files in Windows Explorer. The MOV files will also play in Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center.

For those who want to stream videos with Windows Media Center, I found some freeware call Encode360:

which will easily convert the MOV files into WMV files. If you are using Windows XP, then you can convert the videos from MOV files into WMV files and then use Windows Movie Maker.

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