MOV to AVI file conversion

Started May 12, 2009 | Discussions thread
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this works for me


I too own an SX10 and work on Windows computers (and I frequently use Windows Movie Maker). After some initial searching and tinkering, I found the following to work like a charm, both on Win XP pro SP3 and on Win Vista Home Premium SP1. I can now more or less maintain the workflow I used when I still had my S3IS (which produced M-JPEG movies), be it that I now have to go through an additional step, using the tools described below.

All tools involved are open source and free to use in both private and commercial circumstances:

Good luck to all of you trying to get their systems set up for working with these relatively new .MOV/H264 video files. I too found them a little quirky at first but have gotten used to them now.

Warm regards,


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