G1 Accessories Too Expensive.

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Re: G1 Accessories Too Expensive.

James M Hughes wrote:

Except that Sony's camera prices are very reasonable - in the UK, the
a200 is the best value DSLR around at the moment, and the a700 and
a900 are also very keenly priced.
Agreed, Sony's lens and accessory prices aren't cheap, but at least
entry to the system is not exorbitant.
Also - and feel free to disagree here - I personally feel Sony is a
more prestigious brand than Panasonic. This may not be deserved, but
that's how it is.

J M Hughes

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Well I am a Minolta/Sony user. My personal feelings on sony are that they provide the new stuff for my A mount platform. It would be difficult to say if I were to pick them as a ist choice, had I no investment in Minolta equipment..possible, but not certain.

I think leaving aside previous marketing blunders and mistake by sony, that in general, most people would feel they tend to make "good stuff" aka electronics all round. I would not disagree on that front.

However, it is clear that the popularity of Canon and Nikon..must surely indicate the strength of traditional camera companies, and their advantage over the electronics ones. I don't see the trend getting broken easily...

Panasonic have done a pretty good job of building up a decent rep for themselves, you have to give them that..go back 5 years..and they have come on pretty well.

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