Low light 450D (with kit lens)

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Re: Low light 450D (with kit lens)

I did the same as you: kit lens--> Sigma 2.8 macro.

It is a fine lens with decent build quality and performance, better than the kit lens for sure.

I will upgrade it some day, but it was the best option within the budget at the time.

It is not ultra sharp at f/2.8 but sharp at f/4 and then you always have f/2.8 as an option when you need it.
I rarely miss IS. It has great colour and contrast.

glb2007 wrote:

Great shot and very good technique!!

I have a XSI too….I like low light, hand held shooting also (I think
everbody does, and hate flash).
I´ve never tried the live view 10x technique (I stick with
viewfinder). Thanks for the tips, I’ll try that. I usually hold my
breath and use the 2 sec timer to minimize camera shake (I still keep
my head in the viewfinder and shoulders pressed against my body as
tight as I can).

I like the kit lens a lot. But I´ve ordered a Sigma 18-50 f2.8 macro.
I can´t wait anymore to receive it and test shooting at 2.8 (let´s
see how it compares to the kit lens with IS). I wish I could afford
the amazing 17-55 f2.8 USM IS.

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