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Re: Still a 3 year cycle is fairly typical for this class of printer.

Eric Chan wrote:

If they call it the 3880 and it does not use HDR inks, does that mean
still no proper switching between matte and gloss black, since that
requires the new print heads?

Depends on the head mechanism they would use. My understanding is
that the 7900/9900 actually have a very similar PK/MK switching
system to the 3800's, i.e., a few mL of ink is consumed during each
switch. Jeff can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I read
an Epson brochure for the x900 series printers which indicated this.

That is correct, the 3800 wastes 6 ml on a PK> MK> PK cycle, the 7900-9900 models a bit less despite their larger size. The 11880 doesn't waste any as it has two true black channels like the Canon iPF wide format models and the HP Z models + the HP B9180-8850.

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