80-200vs80-200AFSvs20-200HSM, which one?

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Re: 80-200vs80-200AFSvs20-200HSM, which one?

Thanks for sharing your opinion, Trent.

So, from what I understand this bunch of glass is very good and it makes the choice harder to do. ;-))

I think I'll wait to see how the VR will perform but I don't like the absence of the front ring on the "G" models. Anyway I hope the 70-200VR to be a great performer to include in my decision list.

It's not a matter of time nor money, I would buy one of them around November so I can wait to see the 70-200VR in ction before make any purchase.
Again, thanks a lot for your advice.


Emanuele Chiocchio

Trent Mulkern wrote:

I have owned the Sigma and currently use the Nikon AFS. From my
reading here, the 80-200 D is also very good. In fact they are all
very good, but heavy for hand-holding. Nikon will introduce a
70-200mm G AFS VR later this year, hopefully.

If I were you I would wait and see how the new VR is evaluated
before making a decision. If time is an issue and money is not then
ther AFS would be my choice.


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