How do they get 12 MP rez?

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Re: How do they get 12 MP rez?

The problem with the available explanations is that they don't go far enough visually, because they don't include enough of the sensor for people to see what is going on. Here's a representation of the upper-left 32 pixels on the S2 Super CCD:

If you just consider this small section, we have a 32 pixel Super CCD that can resolve 63 pixels of horizontal/vertical information. Notice that while there are only 32 pixels, we actually have information available from 9x7 columns/rows. Since every other row is basically interlaced, you'll have to do interpolation to "fill the holes" because only half of the pixels have actual information for your 9x7 (63 pixel) image. But... when you are done your interpolation, you have double the resolution you started with.

So even though you really only have 6 MP to work with on the S2, you can obtain an image that has significantly better resolution in the horizontal/vertical directions because the CCD is optimized for horizontal/vertical information by the way the sensors are distributed. Another way to look at it is the fact that for every horizontal/vertical line of pixels in your final 12 MP image, half of the pixels in those lines have real captured information. The other half of the pixels are interpolated, but usually this works out well because you have real data to work with.

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