80-200vs80-200AFSvs20-200HSM, which one?

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Emanuele Chiocchio Regular Member • Posts: 431
80-200vs80-200AFSvs20-200HSM, which one?

Hi guys and gals,

first of all excuse me if I have this stupid question in mind but I'm trying to decide what lens would fit my needs.

Here we go: in the past week I've extensively searched the web for MTF tests, reviews and opinions about the lenses mentioned above and I've found them to be very similar in performance and glass quality but not in regard of the price.

Photodo.com rates the Nikkor 80-200 D ED and the Sigma 70-200 HSM at 4,0 and 3,9 respectively for lens resolution: pratically the same performance. Lens Performance Survey ( http://www.cmpsolv.com/cgi-bin/output2.cgi?Manu=4.+Nikon+compatible&Type=3.+Tele+Zooms+xx-200mm&Aperture=2.+f%2F2.8&Sort=1.+overall+Performance&x=62&y=0 ) rates the 80-200 D ED at 4.61 and the Sigma 70-200 at 4.36; the 80-200 AFS is in between w/ 4.51. Moreover, the Sigma 70-200 has a faster autofocus than the 80-200 D ED but a little slower than the AFS: Sigma AF is rated as "Ok +", AFS is rated as "Fast " and 80-200 D ED is rated as "Slow -".

I've read also ( Nikonlinks.com ) that the 80-200 D ED is a very fast lens ( Ken Rockwell says that this lens is fast as the 80% of the AFS model and at least three times faster than other D lenses ) but at this point I've my considerations to do:

  • 80-200 D ED is fast as the 80% of the AFS one

  • 80-200 D ED costs much less than the AFS one ( about the half )

  • 70-200 HSM has a better AF than the 80-200 D ED that is already fast

  • Photodo says that the Sigma and the 80-200 D ED have almost the same lens quality ( 3,9vs4,0 )

It's not a matter of money, I'm trying to interprete correctly all these variables and I would like to make a good reasonable purchase.

I've thought that the best thing to do was to ask for an opinion directly to you that have these lenses in hand and use them every day for work. Please help me in my choice. Thank you a bunch for your time, guys.


Emanuele Chiocchio

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